Soon after seeing the historic flooding of Nashville, Tennessee, the query of “how significantly does flood insurance coverage price” is on lots of of our minds. Soon after all, floods are devastating – and they are not commonly covered beneath common home owners insurance coverage policies. National flood insurance coverage is obtainable by way of the National Flood Insurance coverage Plan.

As with most insurance coverage, flood insurance coverage prices differ primarily based on quantity of coverage and threat. For instance, if you reside in an region that is prone to flooding, count on to spend much more for flood insurance coverage than a person who lives in a low threat region. Flood insurance coverage is obtainable for home owners, condo owners, small business owners, and renters.

According to, the typical flood insurance coverage policy expenses much less than $570 per year. Even though that could be the typical, that does not imply you can count on to spend that quantity. Once again, it comes down to the flood threat and the quantity of coverage you obtain. For instance, if you reside in a moderate-to-low threat region and you obtain $250,000 developing and $100,000 contents coverage, you would qualify for a “preferred threat” policy with an annual premium of either $355 or $395 based on if your household has a basement or enclosure.

On the other hand, if you reside in a higher threat region and obtain the very same quantity of coverage ($250,000 developing and $100,000 contents), you can count on to spend an annual premium of $2633. The prices go up even larger for coastal regions (V zones). If you reside in a V zone, you can count on to spend $5700 every single year for the very same quantity of coverage.

To come across out which flood zone you reside in, go to or and appear up the flood maps for your neighborhood. You will initially enter your state and county and then you will enter your city. From there, you must be capable to view detailed flood maps for your region.

When you know your home’s common flood threat, you can appear up prices on the internet site. This will give you a common thought of what to count on. You can also enter your address at FloodSmart’s internet site. This will develop a flood threat profile. You will see the property’s flood threat as effectively as a variety of estimated expenses for coverage. In addition, a list of nearby insurance coverage agents is generated. Note that the prices will not differ by agent.

Even though the price of flood insurance coverage could be pricey, in particular if you reside in a higher threat region, look at the price of flooding and water harm. Just 3 inches of water can bring about more than $7800 in harm. Eighteen inches of water can bring about more than $26,000.

Like frequent insurance coverage policies, it really is essential to fully grasp what your flood insurance coverage policy does and does not cover. For instance, if you obtain flooding insurance coverage covering the developing only, then the contents of the household broken by the flood will not be covered. In addition, if your basement has been enhanced with flooring and completed walls, these improvements are not covered.

Based on exactly where you reside, flood insurance coverage could be much more cost-effective than you understand. If absolutely nothing else, checking your home’s flood threat will assistance you superior fully grasp the possible for flooding in your region and begin you pondering about preparing for the subsequent disaster.